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BRANDKEE is a creative cum digital marketing and events agency offering a wide array of services. Situated at the heart of Thrissur, we are one of the best digital and marketing agencies in Kerala. And we take up everything branding.

We are a group of ad agency veterans with more than 25 years of experience, despite working for many blue-chip brands, our motto is to make everything simpler – so you can be heard and seen vividly. We are keen on solving your problems to help your brand grow from strength to strength. Being a top advertising agency, our soul is at creating unforgettable, out-of-the-box, trailblazing designs which will leave you awestruck and your customers galvanized.

Anjumon Vellanikkaran – Director & CEO

Anjumon Vellanikkaran ( Director & CEO of Brandkee )  is responsible for driving growth across the agency’s business units across all verticals. As CEO of Brandkee, he oversees all aspects of the agency’s business in domestic and international turfs. Anjumon Vellanikkaran has ensured the agency’s borderless creativity is deployed to deliver ideas that create impact for clients. 
Under his leadership, the office has experienced a period of significant growth and industry recognition that encompassed illustrious awards and accolades along with outstanding creative works. 
Anjumon Vellanikkaran is deeply devoted to social causes that promote equality, diversity and inclusiveness. He is a founding member and Director of Irinjalakuda Voice, Chalakudy Voice and Thrissur Voice. He helms Asianet Cable Vision News’ bureau in Irinjalakkuda and Chalakudy. He has volunteered for numerous industry and community projects and also an active  member of Irinjalakuda and Chalakudy Press forum, Kerala Reporters & Online Media Association (KROMA)

Sunil Kakkad – Chief Creative Director

For over two and half decades, Sunil Kakkad has been recognized as one of the industry’s most progressive creative leaders. He is known for his collaborative and empowering style. He has played a pivotal role in helping local and global brands find their voices in the modern world.
Sunil Kakkad serves as Chief Creative Director of Brandkee. He is responsible for overseeing the agency’s all creative outputs.Driving transformative and creative solutions and culture-shaping work is what Sunil’s does best. His career credits include iconic and brand-defining work for leading ad agencies, in Kerala and abroad.

Our Team

Anjumon Vellanikkaran

Anjumon Vellanikkaran

Director & CEO
Sunil Kakkad

Sunil Kakkad

Chief Creative Director
Rickson K Joseph

Rickson K Joseph

Video Editor
Dhanya Mulakal Sunny

Dhanya Mulakal Sunny

Accounts Manager
Sarath K

Sarath K

Marketing Manager
Akhil Shaju

Akhil Shaju


Our heart is at marketing your ideas, your thoughts, your products, and your brand. We speak about you constantly; be it a whisper, a formal conversation, a subtle nod or even bellowing through a blaring microphone; how great you are.

Our mantra is to set fire to the information clutter so that your brand can rise like a phoenix from the ashes of dull, pointless communication. Let us take your brand to its true potential.

We ensure this by providing viable product designs, effective digital marketing services, snazzy and advanced web products, result-oriented social media tactics, organizing impactful events and a whole gamut of promotional activities done with absolute panache. As the ultimate graphics hub in Thrissur, we undertake traditional and new-age marketing conundrums and turn it around in your favor. A problem for you is an exciting new challenge for us and we thrive by being astute problem solvers. So, give your brand an enthralling BRANDKEE makeover today.

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